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The Color Purple

A return visit to the northern Lakes has been on the cards for a while. And today was the perfect day.  Pour yourself a cuppa and open the nobnobs – there’s a few photos coming up! We parked at the back of the church hall in Threlkeld, with a promise of tea and cakes later. The bridleway between Blencathra and Skiddaw leads up into the hills. Just a hint of colour around even now. It’s a quality bridleway – firm and wide. On the other side of the valley you can see the narrow track we’ll be returning on....

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Almost Calderdale

While Terrahawk was out earning a crust – although he’s not giving up the day job as IT is much easier than solo racing – Shaman and I went out for an early morning pootle. What a great morning – one of those when you feel glad to be alive – unless you’re 18 hours into a 24 hour race and riding solo! Watergrove beckoned – only at the height of summer is it as dry and fast as it was that morning. After some faffing with a flat rear tyre,  Shaman was ready for business. We went out...

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High Street

No – not shopping – that hill in the Lakes! There’s more than one way to the High Street, this time we’re coming from the south. It all starts easily enough, just a few kilometres of tick infested bracken to contend with. The route takes us past Dubbs Reservoir, where ther’s a bit of trail sanitization going on – fortunately only a bit. Then down the last section of the east-west Garburn pass to Limefit Park – loose and rocky! The route then heads up the valley towards High Street.  Good riding too – for a while. But before...

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Mary Towneley

We’ve a lot to thank her for. Following her unstinting efforts to improve access for horses, we have the loop running from our doorstep around the southern Pennines. Sadly, she didn’t make it to the opening – but it’s some memorial! It’s twelve weeks since I was malingering in a hospital bed, so it’s going to be a good opportunity to check that bones and muscles have fully repaired. It’s a nine o’clock start at Healey Dell – up the old railway line to join the MTL, and the first climb of the day -Rooley Moor. The views from...

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No more biking for me!

My face is fibbing here – I’m not actually happy in this shot. But when The Sleeve orders you to “say cheese!” there’s no refusing! This was Friday early evening. I was cycling through Whitefield outside the Forts of India Indian restaurant. The road splits here, I keep right.  Unfortunately a silver Toyota Yaris wanted to turn left. It drove into me from the side, then veered off to the right.  I swerved on impact then fell back sideways against the car. As it moved past me I slid off the back and hit the road – I was...

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