Author: Routemartin

IFB Fight Club

With the Moorcock Inn Rooley Moor Road being the scene of many a bare knuckle fight, baited on by a pack of drunken quarry men. It’s only fitting that this new bunch of downhills are given the names of the champions, who where only images on fag cards to the men who laboured on these moors. The John L Sullivan The Troy Terror The Professor The Belfast...

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The Best Downhill in Calderdale

The friday posse. So how can you find the best downhill? The IFB’s new Percy Robertshaw route includes the first 2 km of the downhill. The legal stuff is always wet. Is this the way to the valley floor? It starts like this and then………….. after 3km of singletrack your in the woods. maybe a bit more diggings required Chicken Feet cleans the sting in the...

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