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It’s time.

It’s now been 6 months since my family and I moved up to Scotland. It’s been brilliant – we’re still settling in really but all the anxieties that we had early on have pretty-much gone now. And summer is just … Continue reading →

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Strathpuffer 2018

“How do people live in Alaska?” “How do people put up with this every day?” “Why is my brew stuck to the ground?” “Jesus Christ, why does the heater not work?” These were just some of the hundreds of inane … Continue reading →

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Start of a new chapter

Well, that was difficult. We’ve finally moved house. Normally moving house is hard but this move was insane really. I suppose when you have a situation that gradually becomes more and more of a headache, by the time the really … Continue reading

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10 at Kirroughtree

I thought that 10 hours of laps around a rocky trail centre would be brilliant fun on a long-travel, steel hardtail with downhill tyres. Like I’d said in my previous post, I’d entered the 10@Kirroughtree race several weeks ago when … Continue reading

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